Wednesday 8 September 2010

BSCI - BGP - Neighbor States Notes

If a router stays in an IDLE condition check:
i) If the neighbor announces the route in it's local IGP
ii) Verify you have not entered an incorrect IP in your neighbor statements

If a router enters or remains in ACTIVE state it could be because:
i) Neighbor doesn't have a route to the source IP of the BGP Open packet generated by the router - check the routing table on the neighbor and add a suitable route via a static entry or an IGP if one is missing.
ii) The neighbor is peering with the wrong address - check neighbor statements via #sh run
iii) The neighbor doesn't have a neighbor statement for this router - add one!
iv)The AS number in the neighbor statement is misconfigured on one or both peers. - check the neighbor statements for a mis-typed Remote-AS entry.

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